NFL 2010 Week 13: FOX Late Game

Dallas @ Indianapolis – Joe Buck, Troy Aikman [Fairbanks AK; HI]

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay – Dick Stockton, Charles Davis, Jim Mora Jr.

St. Louis @ Arizona – Chris Myers, Kurt Warner

Carolina @ Seattle - Chris Rose, Ross Tucker [Anchorage, AK]

Areas in GREY will not receive a game, either due to a blackout or the local team playing at home on CBS.

Jacksonville, Roanoke VA, Duluth MN, Fargo ND: DAL-IND to ATL-TB
Knoxville TN, Jackson and Meridian MS, Lake Charles LA: ATL-TB to DAL-IND
Anchorage AK, Billings MT: DAL-IND to CAR-SEA
Springfield IL, Joplin MO: DAL-IND to STL-AZ